Get into the secret lab and solve the quest, discover an anti-zombie remedy to save the city

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Amsterdam is under the threat of zombies. They are everywhere. It is the apocalypse. You are part of a team comprised of general intelligence and security services. You have to get into the secret lab and find the cure to save the city. There is a sense of urgency since you only have one hour to achieve this objective.

This is an escape room offline game, where friends get together from repetitive online worlds and meet each other in reality. Participants play, solve numerous puzzles and riddles, all while attempting to combine several objects — exactly like an interactive quest game. Gamers will take part in an amusing adventure that requires both teamwork and an extraordinary way of thinking. It is fun!


Our quest consist of three connected rooms. Each offers a different set of play puzzles for you to unlock and explore. Will you find the way to solve all the puzzles on your way and locate the solution?

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Is it scary?

Not really scary but rather atmospheric. So expect some light and sound effects but no one will try to bite and/or eat you..till the end :)

Can I park my car nearby?

Yes, if you go by car, you may park it directly in front of the door, or in the street nearby. The parking meter is located at the corner of the building. Official cost of one hour parking is €1.40 After 19:00 or on Sunday it is free.

Do I need to have any special knowledge?

No. The game is based on the general-level knowledge of people living in the 21st century.

Is the game language-dependent?

No. Althought there are some signs with simple labels in Dutch or English and you are not required to read big texts in any language to win.

Are children allowed to play?

Children above 12 are OK to play with their parents. If you come alone, we expect you to be 16+.

How can I pay?

You can pay with PIN, Mastercard, Visa, Maestro, V-Pay cards or in cash on-site. Or by bank transfer in advance.

Can I take my phone with me?

Yes, you can.

May I take pictures?

Yes, you can but we kindly ask you not to share answers to the tasks to prevent spoiling and giving your friends smaller chance to have a pleasant game later.

Can the team be bigger than 6 people?

No. In this case we advise you to divide into two (or more) teams and play one after another so that you may compare your time score and get the winner between your teams. A group that already played can now watch the game on the monitor and hear what's going on inside. People see how their friends are doing and compare their game with personal experience and performance.

Can we play longer than one hour?

Generally, no. Although you may either book two adjacent slots in advance, or buy the second one during the game if it is still available at that moment.

What if we are late?

If you are late, you simply have less time for the game because the next group should start on time.