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Three rooms and three chances to save Amsterdam


Get into the secret lab and solve the quest,
discover an anti-zombie remedy to save the city

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The most technically advanced escape room: movement sensors,
embedded computers, and special effects,
making the game fascinating and thrilling.

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The team game, where each member is important.
Play with your friends, family and colleagues
at any time of the day.

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A fascinating journey to the world of mystery, riddles and unexpected surprises.
A top-rated entertainment activity in Amsterdam
based on customer reviews.

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Book the game now! Find the remedy and save the human race.

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Customer Reviews

This is a great escape room!

This is one of the best escape rooms in Amsterdam! They are really professional (I love the text reminders and the light effects are really professional), it's clean (compared to other escape rooms), and it's so challenging and fun. It's also great they give you personal feedback and explain several things afterwards. It's totally worth your money! Visited in June, 2015


Best one yet!

I've done 6 escape rooms in three countries, and my game partners have also done 5 in two countries. We all agreed that this one was one of the best so far! Fantastic use of technology intergration and it was hard!! THIS IS A MUST!

JessBerms, Cranbrook, Canada

Next-level escape room

I have played before in a couple of other escape rooms, where most of the tasks were either collecting a puzzle made of piece of paper cut into pieces, or finding the key in a hole in the wall. This time I found something completely opposite. You are not supposed to simply search for something but you need to act: you've go to do certain things with objects in the room, and objects will react to your actions. This is really next level of this kind of entertainment. I would definitely return to play again as soon as they change the script and it will be like a new one to me.

Pieter C, Brussels, Belgium

Very well thought out game with innovative hint system!

Its well worth the trip out of town center to visit SaveAmsterdam! Its easy to get to via public transport and a 10 minute walk! Its a very well thought out and innovative escape room, with interesting & tricky (but fair!) puzzles and a few 'wow' moments! They have a very cool & unique way o providing hints when players are stuck by controlling the lights & sounds - I thought this was awesome and helped guide us onto the right path a few times :) The host was excellent and gave us alot of information about other rooms (do's and don'ts!) in Amsterdam. He was very friendly and made us feel very welcome & cared alot about his visitor's experiences! Visited February 2015

DJYelow, Calgary, Canada

Earth Under Threat

It all becomes serious when the virus gets out of the laboratory, infects the population and starts transforming people into zombies. You cannot hide in your sweet home on a cosy sofa with a cup of your favourite drink, watching the next episode of a tv series. Try to gather all your strength together to save the city. Bu don't think it is going to be an easy task. You'll have only one hour before the lab blows up.

The Team Game

#SaveAmsterdam is a real-life escape room. The more players, the better and more entertaining. During the game, the players solve numerous puzzles, riddles using different objects that they will find in the room, just like in an interactive quest computer game.

Solve Tasks and Puzzles

You dive into the fascinating journey requiring both a team work and individual approach and involving extensive thinking out of the box. This is fun!

Prices per person

Monday till Thursday Friday till Sunday
8 persons *
7 persons *
6 persons
5 persons
4 persons
3 persons
2 persons
* The game will be more joyful if the team size does not exceed 6 persons, in case of a bigger group it is recommend to book the Flood Room on the same date and time if available or split into two groups and play one after another. In the waiting area you may use tea and coffee for free, and the group who plays second will be able to use a PlayStation during their waiting time. When the groups rotate, those who already played will have the possibility to monitor the game of the second group: they can both see and hear what is happening in the room.

Reserve your game (Zombie Room)

Please choose the time and date when you and your team want to play and we will reserve the event venue for you.

Date and time of the game: , The Zombie Room

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Is it scary?
Not really scary but rather atmospheric. So expect some light and sound effects but no one will try to bite and/or eat you..till the end :)
Can I park my car nearby?
Yes, if you go by car, you may park it directly in front of the door, or in the street nearby. The parking meter is located at the corner of the building. Official cost of one hour parking is €1.40. After 19:00 or on Sunday it is free.
Can I cancel my reservation?
You may cancel the game witouth any fees before 48 hours before the game scheduled. Cancellation made between 24 and 48 hours costs 50% of the game price. If cancelled within 24 hours, cancellation fee is 100%. If you cannot attend the game, please inform us as soon as possible.
Do I need to have any special knowledge?
No. The game is based on the general-level knowledge of people living in the 21st century.
Is the game language-dependent?
No. Althought there are some signs with simple labels in Dutch or English and you are not required to read big texts in any language to win.
Are children allowed to play?
Children above 12 are OK to play with their parents. If you come alone, we expect you to be 16+..
How can I pay?
You can pay with PIN, Mastercard, Visa, Maestro, V-Pay cards or in cash on-site. Or by bank transfer in advance.
Can I take my phone with me?
Yes, you can.
May I take pictures?
Yes, you can but we kindly ask you not to share answers to the tasks to prevent spoiling and giving your friends smaller chance to have a pleasant game later.
Can the team be bigger than 8 people?
No. In this case we advise you to divide into two (or more) teams and play one after another so that you may compare your time score and get the winner between your teams. A group that already played can now watch the game on the monitor and hear what's going on inside. People see how their friends are doing and compare their game with personal experience and performance.
Can we play longer than one hour?
Generally, no. Although you may either book two adjacent slots in advance, or buy the second one during the game if it is still available at that moment.
What if we are late?
If you are late, you simply have less time for the game because the next group should start on time..

How to find us


Cornelis van Alkemadestraat 69–73,
Amsterdam, 1065AB
The Netherlands

E-mail: [email protected]
Phone: +31 61 479-89-78
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