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Gift Certificate

Amaze your beloved
with this stunning experience

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The most exciting gift ever!

At Save Amsterdam you can make a gift to your friends, co-workers or family members. This is straightforward.

  1. Complete the form below and proceed to the payment.
  2. Hand the certificate over to the person you are making the gift for or just tell the voucher code you choose
  3. With a certificate, they may book any game in our escape rooms: either in the Zombie, the Flood room, or in the Black Hole.

After receiving the payment, we will send you a PDF file with a certificate.

If you want to obtain a paper version, please leave your postal address in the Mailing Information field field.

The gift certificate by #Save Amsterdam

Use numbers, letters and special characters to express yourself (6-40 symbols).

Mailing Information

In case you want us to send this gift certificate by post, please leave here the full name and address. If you want us to send it directly to someone else, you can also add a message for this person, which we will include in the voucher

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