A new threat has fallen upon us!
Enter the Black hole and solve the mysteries within
to prevent the city from being destroyed.

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The most technically advanced escape room: movement sensors,
embedded computers, and special effects,
making the game fascinating and thrilling.

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The team game, where each member is important.
Play with your friends, family and colleagues
at any time of the day.

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A fascinating journey to the world of mystery,
riddles and unexpected surprises.
A top-rated entertainment activity in Amsterdam
based on customer reviews.

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Book the game now! Save the human race.

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Room Facts

Customer Reviews

One of the best so far

Yesterday with my friends with have played the black hole and the flood room. will not spoil with details, only will tell that it is very nciely done desihn wise. and technically also on a very good level. I have plated 3 escape rooms before and these ones are better! Visited in January, 2017

Walter W

We stopped the blackhole!

Hey, we stopped the black hole! What a fantastic room from we played! It was quite tough to go through the way but it was worth doing that!

Marius L

Black Hole totally rocks

Just tried their new Black Hole (the Zombie and Flood are awesome) and we absolutely liked. Quite challenging, so maybe not for the first comers but definitely exciting and original.

Kees F

Fun escape rooms

We had a lot of fun, me and my family of 5 after having some other escape rooms in Israel. This was one of the best that we did. We really liked the connections between the rooms and the owsome things that we had to solve.

DJYelow, Calgary, Canada

Enter the Black hole and solve the mysteries within!

Science never stops trying to manipulate and dominate nature. One man took it too far and created a Black hole too forceful to control, unleashing immense danger upon us all. Being sucked into his own creation it's now up to you to save Amsterdam in its final hour. Are you up to the challenge.

The Team Game

#SaveAmsterdam is a real-life escape room. The more players, the better and more entertaining. During the game, the players solve numerous puzzles, riddles using different objects that they will find in the room, just like in an interactive quest computer game.

Solve Tasks and Puzzles

You dive into the fascinating journey requiring both a team work and individual approach and involving extensive thinking out of the box. This is fun!

Prices per person, per room

Best Price Guarantee (Click to read more)
One child under 12 years old can join the team for free.
Price slots differ depending on the day of the week and time of the day. For example, Monday morning is cheaper than Saturday evening for the same group size. To see actual price of the slot, just click on it and select number of people in the team.
€ Low €€ Medium €€€ High
10 persons *
9 persons *
8 persons *
7 persons *
6 persons
5 persons
4 persons
3 persons
2 persons
* * The game will be more joyful if the team size does not exceed 6 persons, in case of a bigger group it is recommended to book multiple rooms on the same date and time if available and split the people by smaller teams or split into two groups and play one after another. In the waiting area you may use tea and coffee and softdrinks, and the group who plays second will be able to use a PlayStation during their waiting time. When the groups rotate, those who already played will have the possibility to monitor the game of the second group: they can both see and hear what is happening in the room..

Reserve your game (Black Hole Room)

Please choose the time and date when you and your team want to play and we will reserve the event venue for you.

410 Jun
410 Jun

Date and time of the game:: , The Black Hole Room

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Cornelis van Alkemadestraat 69–73, Amsterdam, 1065AB, The Netherlands
[email protected]

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You get FREE drinks!

Use discount code: FREE_DRINKS to get a free drink for everyone before or after the game

We would like to offer you: beer, wine, soft drinks, apple and orange juices, water, tea, coffee


You can claim a refund for the difference if you find your an offer cheaper on another website.

Just remember to contact us after booking and at least 24 hours before your game. You'll have to give us the link to the other offer and it needs to be online and available when we check.

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